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Advantages of computer networking assignment

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  • In a computer network, two or more than two computers which are connected to each other in order to electronically communicate data. The computers can be connected through cables, most commonly used cable are either fiber optic cable or Ethernet cable. There are wireless connections as well. Multiple resources like access to the internet, file server, printers and others can be shared by linked computers. A network connection is used for many purposes like it can make a single computer capable of doing many things that it couldn’t do without any connection.
  • In Local area network LAN, devices are connected in one location which could be an office, building, a house etc. A LAN can range from small to big and contains routers, switches, access points, cables and other constituents that connect the devices to the web server, internal server and other LANs through a wide area network.
  • Multiple topologies like bus, star, ring and rush topologies are being used to launch a network.
  • Unique protocols like IP/TCP etc. are used for the purpose of communication in computer networks.
  • Some essential hardware like Cable, USB, external and internal network cards, distributors and routers are used in the establishment of a network.
  • There exist multiple kinds of computer networks including WAN, LAN, MAN, VPN, Internet, Intranet, extranet and the list goes on.

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Computer Based Networking Assignment

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